No, All of our products are NOT tested on animals. NHBS does not initiate animal tests on either finished products or ingredients whether directly or indirectly. All ingredients used are carefully monitored. All suppliers are requested to confirm that their materials have not been tested on animals. Ingredients which do not have this data supplied for them are not used in any products. NHBS is against the suffering endured by animals when ingredients and products are tested. We support suppliers and organizations that are developing alternative methods of testing without using animals.
At NHBS we always strive to recruit outstanding people. This means you will be surrounded by highly skilled and passionate individuals. When you join our team you open the door to a stimulating career working with the best quality market leading products. We are a company that offers a promising future with endless opportunities for you to develop your professional expertise.
NHBS provides product information both in our product packaging and by accessing our companies website : http://www.hsacosmetics.com
All our ranges and collections of shades are specially formulated to provide 100% grey coverage with a low ammonia base. Formulated with an optical undergone to brighten eyes and skin tone with light reflective pigments and pre softening technology balanced to eliminate the need to mix multiple shades.

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